LifeCykul Football League

The Most awaited prestigious LifeCykul Football League is here, starting from 11th April 2020 at ORO Sports. We create suitable Sports Ecosystem and Infrastructure for Playing with Professionalism and Competence. We as a company believe in keeping athlete in you alive! For team-owners, players, & game-strategists alike, this is a dream come true.

Football Game Rules:

  1. Total players - 8; 6 players on field and 2 Rolling Substitutes
  2. Substitution will be done only during side throws, corner kicks and injury time
  3. “Side Throws” and corners will be a direct kick
  4. Goalkeeper's throw should be under arm
  5. Total 20 mins of play time - 10 minutes each half with 5 minutes break
  6. Specific rules regarding scoring and defending goals from inside D will be described on Match Day by referee. Same Rules will apply for all matches.
  7. Points system would be followed for the round robin stage where each winning team will get 3 points
  8. In case of a draw the teams will get 1 point each
  9. In case of a tie in Semi's and Finals, match will proceed into extra time of 10 mins if there is a tie after the extra time there will be a penalty shootout, number of penalties - 3
  10. The Referees decision will be final
  11. Teams should report 30 mins before their match
  12. If the team does not report at the given time, a walkover would be given after a grace period of 10 minutes. For example, match time starts at 9:00 a.m., we would wait till 9:10 a.m. after which a walkover would be given

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