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We at LifeCykul are disrupting the SportsTech field by bringing you a whole new way to play your favorite sport. Our exciting Phy-Di Leagues liberate you from slavery to “The Screen”, yet, make the power of technology work for you.

Individual-sport or team-sport; indoors or outdoors, brain-games or body-games, we put you on a world-class league and make your sporting experience more enjoyable and enriching than ever before.

Download the LifeCykul App today & take your sport to a whole new level.


To bring out innovative products and services for increasing employee engagement, team-productivity, health & wellness.

Sporty Timeline!

Tired of those silly slug-fests on the so called "Social" Media? Come on, let's be a sport! Download LifeCykul App today and connect with friends on SPORTS!

Amazing sports is happening all around you! Draw and infuse postive energy; stay active through exciting features such as Shab#, Chats, & Expert Advice.

Try it today - you will be pleasantly surprised what a great inspiration you and your sporty network is, for each other.

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Core Features


An all in one scoring app for the cricket matches. Make your team and score the match at your finger tips.


The rider can give access to his family members/friends/colleagues to track his live location.


After completing the ride successfully the Rider can download his timing report / e-certificate from ...


Track your activities like Walk, Run, Cycling and Plankathon


Find your scheduled matches in advance and plan accordingly.


Participate in 14 different sports in 3 different formats.

How to Participate

1. Event Registration
2. Download App
3. Install App
4. Leagues Screen
5. Start Match
6. Tournament Matches
7. Leaderboard
1. Event Registration
2. Download LifeCykul App
3. Welcome to LifeCykul
4. Enter Your Mobile Number
5. Enter OTP
6. Home Page
7. League Page
8. Challenges
9. Click on Record
10. Click on Start
11. Select Your Pace
12. Save Your Activity
13. Your Activity on TimeLine
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