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Seva Bharathi is a pan India Not for Profit Organisation constantly striving with its aim for upliftment of the poor and marginalised communities. It has been spreading smiles for past thirty years now and one of their flagship program is - Kishori Vikas Program for adolescent girls.

Kishori Vikas Yojana seeks to empower adolescent girls by providing them with basic safety & security, help them with skills & education and see them blossom into independent and thoughtful young women capable of building the family, community, & nation. Let’s Run & Raise FOR THAT GIRL CHILD.

For more details, please visit: www.

Event Format Dates Distance (in kms)** Registration Fee*
1. Gachibowli Stadium Run 21st March Level 1 - 21 Rs. 1000
Level 2 - 10
Level 3 - 5 Rs. 600

*Registration fee will be treated as donations.

**Both walking and running is allowed.

Runners Kit include: T-shits, medals, e-medals, e-certificates and many more exciting goodies.

Run can be tracked on LifeCykul app, Apple Watch, GoogleFit, FitBit or Strava.


The Girl Child of India has been fighting all odds to access education. The global Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a new reality for children from these communities who were already struggling to attain classroom education, their chance to lay a path for a better life.

Donate Miles to Educate – Support Girl Child, is a charity challenge by RBL Bank to encourage people from all walks of live to unite to make a difference in the lives of these children from marginalised communities. Our mission is to support continued education for these children despite the challenges of Covid-19 with our NGO partner Udbhav RBL School. Know More

All proceeds collected from this challenge, will be donated towards Udbhav RBL School. RBL Bank pledges to match your donation 1:1 to fund the cause.

You have the power to make a difference and every contribution you make, will impact their lives. Join the movement today!

About Seva Bharathi Telangana

Came into existence in 1989 and is working in various areas such as Education, Health, Social Equality and Empowerment to the needy. Most of the beneficiaries of Seva Bharathi are the down trodden and from the below poverty line.

Our vision is Improve the living standards of the poor. Seva Bharathi galvanizes people for the cause of the unfortunate. 1,50,000+ charitable and community development activities all over the country & 3,500+ activities in Telangana.

Galvanizing the people for the cause of the unfortunate and channelizing their efforts into an organized crusade to combat pain, poverty, inequality, and illiteracy is Seva Bharathi.

Seva Bharathi came into being in 1984. Over the years, it has come a long way in servicing its avowed objective. The modest move has culminated into a massive movement. The humble foundation has flowered into a mammoth institution. Today, Seva Bharathi has its presence spread across the entire country with an extensive range of charitable and community development activities. Set up in 1989 with moderate means and a canvas of activities, it has grown into an expansive network across Telangana. There are around 1,57,000 activities in all the 602 districts of the country.


The IIMAAA Hyderabad Chapter Charitable Trust (IIMAAAHCCT) was initiated with a vision to provide holistic, quality education and implement innovative educational initiatives so that every child achieves their full potential. The trust comprises members from eminent public sector organizations and corporate leaders. Following are few activities that the trust enjoyed doing in the past and continue encouraging now too:

  • Jaipur Foot Camps – benefitted over 1100 physically disabled poor.
  • Plastic Surgery Camps - given a new future to over 3600 children with deformities such as cleft lips, squint, etc.
  • The CXO Advise initiative - provided career counselling to over 1200 youth.

IIMA Alumni Association and Udbhav School

IIMAAAHCCT took over a school facing imminent closure in Rasoolpura, designated as a notified slum of Hyderabad in April 2013. The school selectively admits students from families having a household income of less than Rs. 10,000/- per month with an objective of providing them low-cost high-quality education. Udbhav School, Rasoolpura provides education to 587 students from Grades I to X. IIMAAAHCCT works with a vision to transform the lives of at least 10,000 underprivileged children and their families by 2025. This vision can be achieved if more Udbhav Schools start operating providing quality education in other slums in Hyderabad and other cities in India.

IIMAAAHCCT is proud to announce the take over of a second school, Udbhav RBL School, Fatehnagar having 366 students in July 2019. Udbhav Schools are catering to the educational needs of 950 underprivileged students and the numbers are expected to rise in the following academic years. We are delighted to share the exceptional academic performance of our students in SSC-2019 conducted by Telangana State Government. The members of IIMAAAHC will continue to strive to impact more students while improving the academic performance of Udbhav students.

School Appeared Passed Pass % First class (60% & above) % of first classes Avg. Grade point
Udbhav School, Rasoolpura 36 35 97% 34 94% 7.7
Udbhav RBL School, Fatehnagar 40 40 100% 40 100% 8.2

Managing Trustee: S.V. Ramana Murthy (PGP 1979) Members: T.R. Shanmukha (PGP 1979); S.K. Rungta (PGP 1978); Arvind Kumar (PGP 1989); G. Sree Harsha (PGP 1989)


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Yes, we will post the winners regularly on the social media pages which include social media content, handles, hashtags, etc. You can share your activity from app under Go Social and My Activities to all your social media channels.

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Pos Name Bib No Category Chip Time Certificate
1 Jagan Reddy 21004 21K 1:23:35
2 Rajesh Pal 21024 21K 1:42:07
3 Santosh Behara 21115 21K 1:43:30
4 Anop Joseph 21116 21K 1:44:31
5 Rajashekar Bhayagari 21070 21K 1:50:38
6 Ajit Nair 21112 21K 1:51:56
7 Ankit Agarwal 21032 21K 1:52:22
8 Srinivasa rao Tadiboyina 21093 21K 1:52:51
9 Srinivas Maggari 21071 21K 1:53:41
10 Sunder nagesh Kamapantula 21022 21K 1:53:53
11 Divakar Jain 21020 21K 1:53:55
12 Vedavyas Buragadda 21015 21K 1:55:00
13 Poonam Metta 21019 21K 1:56:02
14 Vinay Choudhary 21049 21K 1:56:10
15 Sudhanshu Das 21087 21K 1:56:44
16 Suparna Das 21086 21K 1:56:47
17 Srikiran Servepalli 21018 21K 1:59:00
18 Apichai Wangfangklang 21065 21K 2:00:26
19 Lalatendu Kumar 21077 21K 2:01:22
20 Aditya Reddy 21052 21K 2:01:32
21 Ved Prakash 21050 21K 2:03:54
22 Rahul Raju 21078 21K 2:05:19
23 Nimish Sharma 21038 21K 2:05:23
24 Nimesh Patel 21060 21K 2:06:07
25 Arun Kumar 21055 21K 2:06:29
26 Kalyan kumar Bhukya 21092 21K 2:07:39
27 Kailash Chandola 21058 21K 2:08:58
28 Ravi Lankamalla 21085 21K 2:09:56
29 Muni chakradhar Yaddala 21072 21K 2:10:26
30 Siddharth Bose 21025 21K 2:10:30
31 Saravanan A 21084 21K 2:10:41
32 Rajnish kumar Thakur 21098 21K 2:10:47
33 Ashok Guggilam 21042 21K 2:11:03
34 Varsh Kiron 21012 21K 2:11:22
35 Muralikrishna Edintipal 21014 21K 2:13:45
36 Bhaskar Mhetre 21089 21K 2:15:07
37 Rakesh Vasu 21061 21K 2:15:24
38 Manjunath Balasubramaniam 21010 21K 2:15:34
39 Mohendra Ps 21035 21K 2:17:38
40 Venugopal Kondam 21054 21K 2:17:47
41 Abhijitsingh Sulhyan 21040 21K 2:18:53
42 Sonali Chaturvedi 21002 21K 2:19:05
43 Devyani Haldar 21119 21K 2:19:07
44 Parag Mantri 21036 21K 2:19:58
45 Pankaj Singh 21056 21K 2:20:28
46 Srinivas reddy Baddam 21051 21K 2:20:45
47 Digambar Jha 21079 21K 2:20:59
48 Shreeniwas Dwadasi 21080 21K 2:26:03
49 Dr manoranjan Nayak 21105 21K 2:28:11
50 Chirashree Ghosh 21099 21K 2:28:44
51 Shiva Nagesh 21094 21K 2:30:16
52 Surya Thammiraju 21007 21K 2:30:37
53 Ajai kumar Rai 21003 21K 2:35:23
54 Namit Agarwal 21033 21K 2:35:50
55 Avinash Godbole 21031 21K 2:37:39
56 Sujit kumar Hota 21011 21K 2:37:44
57 Manish Gulati 21090 21K 2:40:35
58 Yashwanth Thuti 21075 21K 2:41:27
59 Kiran Das 21048 21K 2:41:40
60 Sudhir Kumar 21096 21K 2:42:32
61 Ajay Saini 21076 21K 2:42:44
62 Deenanath H 21122 21K 2:43:12
63 Suresh rao Ambarkar 21006 21K 2:43:15
64 Nikhil Goud 21102 21K 2:43:48
65 Nitin Gupta 21107 21K 2:44:02
66 Balaji Solanki 21013 21K 2:44:13
67 Priyanka Setlur 21037 21K 2:45:21
68 Ramesh E 21005 21K 2:45:39
69 Raja samson Bonthu 21095 21K 2:53:32
70 Raghava Mulukutla 21021 21K 2:53:59
71 Dabilipuram Srinivas 21073 21K 2:55:47
72 Anil Palakodeti 21044 21K 2:56:46
73 Samba murthy Ayachitula 21110 21K 2:56:57
74 Rupesh Nair 21062 21K 2:57:06
75 Shariq ahmed Mohammed 21057 21K 2:57:23
76 Suma S 21039 21K 2:59:18
77 Sridhar S 21106 21K 3:00:36
78 Ramesh Chintalapati 21008 21K 3:02:20
79 Soma sekhar Mungara 21082 21K 3:03:42
80 Venkata ravi Kolli kumar 21118 21K 3:05:19
81 Jyoti Gulati 21091 21K 3:06:25
82 Krishna Lakamsani 21063 21K 3:07:15
83 Dikshatulu C v 21016 21K 3:18:53

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