LifeCykul Badminton League

The Most awaited prestigious LifeCykul Badminton is here, starting from 1st November until 3rd November, 2019. We create suitable Sports Ecosystem and Infrastructure for Playing with Professionalism and Competence. We as a company believe in keeping athlete in you alive! For team-owners, players, & game-strategists alike, this is a dream come true.


  1.   Its an Open Corporate League.
  2.   We have 2 Age Categories - Below 40 & Above 40
  3.   Age would be based on Date of Birth before / after 31st October 1979
  4.   Fees: Singles = 1000; Doubles = 1500
  5.   Professionally organized matches with feather shuttles.
  6.   QF, SF, & Finals will be streamed live.
  7.   Refreshments / Snacks provided to all the participants.
  8.   Lunch will be made available on prior orders.
  9.   Fantastic goodies & awards from LiNing & LifeCykul to all winners and runner ups.
  10.   All match schedules, details, scores, & results available in realtime on LifeCykul App
  11.   Competition categories:
    1. 🏆   Men's Singles
    2. 🏆   Men's Doubles
    3. 🏆   Women's Singles
    4. 🏆   Women's Doubles
    5. 🏆   Mixed Doubles

Rules And Regulations

  •   Registrations with the entry fee for the Team & Individual events will be closed on 25th October 2019. No entries will be accepted thereupon.

  •   For all tournament details, LifeCykul App is the official source of information.

  •   Minimum 8 Entries are required for any 40 Years+ category to be conducted.

  •   All participants must be above the age of 21 Yrs.

  •   Company ID or Company Authorization Letter (format attached) are mandatory. You can upload these on the App.

  •   Player who have participated in State/National ranking matches in 2018/19 OR who have won State/National medals after 2014 are NOT allowed to participate in this tournament.

  •   All matches will be played with feather shuttles.


Mens Doubles
Mens Singles
Mixed Doubles

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