League Description

The LifeCykul Box Cricket league ranking matches are scheduled for 8th June 2019 – Saturday – 8AM – 10AM. Please report at the venue before 7:45AM in order to be able to make to the 8AM start.

Late comers run the risk of following:

1. May not get a slot for ranking matches and will be listed as “Unranked” in the ranking list.

2. Depending on the schedule and player availability, a delayed slot for ranking match may be available, however the wait times can not be predicted.

Look forward to seeing you there.

The ranking of each player will be based on:

  1. One 12-Over match, 6 Players a side.
  2. Batting performance (2 Overs)
  3. Bowling performance (2 Overs)
  4. Fielding performance (12 Overs)

Ranking formula:

# Description Points
1 Run Points Runs Scored/2
2 Each Four 0.5 Points
3 Each Six 1 Point
4 Each Out - 4 Points
5 Each 25 Score 4 Points
# Description Points
1 Points for byes (Leg-byes + byes)/6 * (- 1)
2 Catch +2 Points
3 Run Out – Direct hit + 2 Points
4 Run Out – Multi-pass +1 Point each
5 Catch drop -2 Points
# Description Points
1 DOT ball +1 Point
2 Wicket +4 Points
3 Wide ball -1 Point
4 NO-ball -2 Points
5 Points for total score Total score conceded/6*(-1)

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Taking part in LifeCykul League, be it as team-owner,cricket-player, or as a strategist on the App, can be great and highly rewarding. Obviously, you may have many questions on various aspects of the League. Click one of the areas of interest below and explore. If your questions are still not answered, please send that to us from the "Send a Question" section of the FAQs.

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