Donate Miles To Educate – Support Inclusive Education, is a charity challenge by RBL Bank focusing on making education accessible for children from marginalised communities, children with disabilities, person with disabilities and bringing adults who dropped out of school back in the sphere of education.

Owing to an overwhelming response to Phase 1 of Donate Miles To Educate, we’re back with Phase 2 from 1st to 12th December, 2021. Turn your morning walk or evening run around the neighborhood into your personal campaign for good. No matter how short or long the distance, every step you take and every kilometer you cover, will be monetized and donated towards the cause

  • Participate in Donate Miles To Educate – Support Inclusive Education:
    • Registrations open on December 1st, 2021 and the duration of the challenge is December 1st to 12th, 2021
    • You can walk or run and record your activity on the LifeCykul app, which will get recorded in kilometers (Kms) and monetized. All proceeds will be donated towards supporting Inclusive Education
    • You can also sync your activity through other fitness apps such as Strava, Garmin, Apple Health etc. on the LifeCykul app itself
    • You can also sync your activity through other fitness apps on LifeCykul.
  • Donate towards Inclusive Education
  • You can contribute to support Inclusive Education by clicking here Donate Now Your contribution has the power to make a difference to the lives of those who have been marginalised.

    Please Note: All your contributions would be tax exempted under (Section 80-G) of income tax act

What are you waiting for? Sign up today to start making all the miles you cover count to support Inclusive Education.


The pandemic has altered our lives in many ways and one of the biggest impact bearers of this unprecedented crisis has been Education, especially for the disadvantaged communities. 2020 taught us that the traditional model of learning in brick-and-mortar schools that were previously considered as a solution to alleviating illiteracy, were rendered empty, bare and unattended during the global lockdowns. Acknowledging the need to make an immediate change and to do our part in making education accessible to everyone in its new hybrid avatar, we are embarking on our mission to make a difference.

Donate Miles To Educate – Support Inclusive Education, is a charity challenge by RBL Bank to encourage people from all walks of life to unite to provide quality education to children from underprivileged communities, children with disabilities, person with disabilities, bring adults who dropped out of school back to the sphere of education and set up a school focusing on Children with Disabilities (CWD) in Maharashtra.

All proceeds collected from this challenge, will be donated towards the cause.

You have the power to make a difference and every contribution you make, will impact their lives. Join the movement today!


Udbhav RBL School provides educational opportunity to children, from socially and economically disadvantaged communities of India, who traditionally have no access to quality schooling. The aim is to break the cycle of illiteracy that children from such communities are mired in. The goal is to impart holistic education to every child to make them life ready, to make them good citizens of India. The Udbhav RBL School is an opportunity where they get meaningful and stimulating education up to grade 10th and are guided to their entry in to mainstream education. The vision is to transform the lives of at least 10,000 underprivileged children and their families by 2025.


You can review your progress on the Leader board within the LifeCykul App.

They are ranked based on total kilometer covered per category. You may opt to participate in multiple categories, i.e. walking and running, the kilometers recorded for each category will be used to rank the participants.

No, there is no limits. The more kilometer you covered the more fund we raise towards supporting

Yes, we will mention all the details in the e-certificate which will be sent out at the end of the charity challenge to every participant who contributes at least in one activity category.

Yes you can check all RBL Bank Social Media Handles for any updates.

No, there is no limits or restrictions but you have to complete participate and contribute for at least one activity to qualify for the e-certificate.

Yes, you can share your activity from the mobile app under ‘Go social’ and ‘My Activities’ to all your social media channels

Please do the following,

  • Set the GPS to 'Always On' even when the phone screen is off.
  • Explicitly set the 'Battery Optimization Off' for the LifeCykul App.
  • When you start recording, click on view map for a ‘Zoomed in’ effect to know for sure that GPS has caught on

You can sync your activity with Apple Health, Google fit, Fit bit, Strava and Garmin as well.

Yes, the integration is available. You can record your activities on Google fit and Fit bit and import them on the LifeCykul mobile app.

The process is automated. A new feature is being made available to you can opt-in, one time and all your subsequent activities will be automatically synchronized. You can Initiate the process by tapping on the ‘Import Activities’ tile on your league page

Please access the 'Quick Help' tile in your League home page for any queries.

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