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UMEED 1000 Cyclothon 2020 Dates: 27th November 2020 - 11th December 2020'


UMEED 1000 Cyclothon supported by RBL Bank has been a movement of people united by a common purpose - to make a difference in the lives of marginalized communities through positive action. In 2014, UMEED1000 Cyclothon has raised funds for cancer care and treatment. Thereon from 2016 onwards the UMEED1000 Cyclothon has focused on raising funds for Girl Child Education and has been able to provide education to 1000 children from Udbhav RBL Schools in Hyderabad. Access to quality education is the Bank’s CSR mission for impacting marginalized communities. The Bank is fulfilling this commitment by creating Udbhav RBL Schools across India. The global pandemic has ushered in a new reality for children from these communities who were already struggling to attain classroom education.

This year, RBL Bank is back with the 7th edition of UMEED 1000 Cyclothon. We are committed to supporting continued education for these children despite the challenges of Covid-19. These children display the true spirit of Mujhe Roke Na Koi (Nothing Can Stop Me), the theme of this year’s Cyclothon.

You have the power to make a difference and every small contribution you make, will impact their lives.


The IIMAAA Hyderabad Chapter Charitable Trust (IIMAAAHCCT) was initiated with a vision to provide holistic, quality education and implement innovative educational initiatives so that every child achieves their full potential. The trust comprises members from eminent public sector organizations and corporate leaders. Following are few activities that the trust enjoyed doing in the past and continue encouraging now too:

  • Jaipur Foot Camps – benefitted over 1100 physically disabled poor.
  • Plastic Surgery Camps - given a new future to over 3600 children with deformities such as cleft lips, squint, etc.
  • The CXO Advise initiative - provided career counselling to over 1200 youth.

IIMA Alumni Association and Udbhav School

IIMAAAHCCT took over a school facing imminent closure in Rasoolpura, designated as a notified slum of Hyderabad in April 2013. The school selectively admits students from families having a household income of less than Rs. 10,000/- per month with an objective of providing them low-cost high-quality education. Udbhav School, Rasoolpura provides education to 587 students from Grades I to X. IIMAAAHCCT works with a vision to transform the lives of at least 10,000 underprivileged children and their families by 2025. This vision can be achieved if more Udbhav Schools start operating providing quality education in other slums in Hyderabad and other cities in India.

IIMAAAHCCT is proud to announce the take over of a second school, Udbhav RBL School, Fatehnagar having 366 students in July 2019. Udbhav Schools are catering to the educational needs of 950 underprivileged students and the numbers are expected to rise in the following academic years. We are delighted to share the exceptional academic performance of our students in SSC-2019 conducted by Telangana State Government. The members of IIMAAAHC will continue to strive to impact more students while improving the academic performance of Udbhav students.

School Appeared Passed Pass % First class (60% & above) % of first classes Avg. Grade point
Udbhav School, Rasoolpura 36 35 97% 34 94% 7.7
Udbhav RBL School, Fatehnagar 40 40 100% 40 100% 8.2

Managing Trustee: S.V. Ramana Murthy (PGP 1979) Members: T.R. Shanmukha (PGP 1979); S.K. Rungta (PGP 1978); Arvind Kumar (PGP 1989); G. Sree Harsha (PGP 1989)

UMEED Qualifiers

To check if you qualified for UMEED 1000 Qualifiers, please click below


HDFC Life believes that sustainable business growth can be achieved if it goes hand in hand with social responsibility. Social responsibility is embedded in the Company’s DNA. While HDFC Life remains focussed on consistent business growth, the company strongly holds on to its CSR motto ‘Giving gives back something bigger’.

Over the years, HDFC Life has pro-actively contributed towards social development through various initiatives in areas of education, health, livelihood, environmental sustainability. The company also actively promotes employee volunteering to build a sense of social responsibility and contribution to the society.


Udbhav RBL School provides educational opportunity to girls, from socially and economically disadvantaged communities of India, who traditionally have no access to quality schooling. The aim is to break the cycle of illiteracy that girls from such communities are mired in. The goal is to impart holistic education to every child to make them life ready, to make them good citizens of India. The Udbhav RBL School is an opportunity where they get meaningful and stimulating education up to grade 10th and are guided to their entry in to mainstream education. The vision is to transform the lives of at least 10,000 underprivileged children and their families by 2025.


In order to Qualify for Umeed 1000 – 2020, you need to achieve the following:

  • Finish riding 125KM in any of the 2 days of 1st, 7th, or 8th of November
  • Be among the first 50 riders to do so.
  • Important: Please note that there are limited slots on this event. Even though you have 3 specified days to complete 125KM, those who finish early have a higher chance of earning a slot than those who finish later.

You need to submit the proof of completion through tracker data from Strava or LifeCykul. You can record on bike computers such as Garmin or Wahoo and then import them into Strava & LifeCykul subsequently. The finish-time of the rides will be as per these recordings and the import/transfer cannot be later than 8 hours from the completion of the ride. Manual uploads, e-bike/mo-bike rides, & indoor rides will not be considered for qualification. Riders are fully & solely responsible to ensure that their trackers are working properly and that they have fail-safe measures through use of multiple trackers. Umeed-1000 will not consider any cases of tracker mal-functions, technology glitches, & data-losses for whatever reason.

Your choice. Our only advice is – be safe! Under no circumstances should you compromise your safety and well being for the sake of qualification. There will be plenty of other occasions to participate in the events such as Umeed-1000, so use your judgment, choose time and place wisely, and do your rides following all applicable traffic rules.

Further, choose a bike that makes your ride comfortable and enjoyable. Carry enough water, food, spares, & other necessary supplies. As much as possible, ride with friends, colleagues, or other like-minded people, so that everyone has some help and support when necessary. Most important of all – please keep in mind, WHY we are doing this. Over the last 6 years, Umeed-1000 has been not just a bike ride – but, a support line for HUNDREDS of under-privileged kids. We ride for THEM – not for US! Our riders are beyond symbolic victories and we always place THEIR well-being beyond our “wins” of medals, certificates, goodies, & such. We work very hard to enlist the services of the riders who believe in this mission and are willing to sacrifice their comfort and material-gains for the sake of the education of girl children.

  • All the necessary information is at
  • LifeCykul APP provides all event related information and tech/data facilities.
  • You can always contact our Customer Success Team at Please include your registered phone number along with any relevant screenshot/s.
  • There is NO phone/voice support available.

You can review your progress on the Leader board within the LifeCykul App.

They are ranked based on Total Distance Covered.

The target of the qualifier is 125Kms. Every kilometer covered by you will be monetised at Rs.10 per/Km and donated towards Udbhav RBL School.

Yes, we’ll mention all the details in the eCertificate which will be sent out at the end of the event to every participant who completes the qualifier target of 125Kms.

Yes you can check all RBL Bank Social Media Handles for any updates.

Yes, we will post the winners regularly on the social media pages which include social media content, handles, hashtags, etc. You can share your activity from app under Go Social and My Activities to all your social media channels.

Please do the following,

  • Set the GPS to 'Always On' even when the phone screen is off.
  • Explicitly set the 'Battery Optimization Off' for the LifeCykul App.
  • When you start recording, click on 'View Map' and wait for a 'Zoom-in' effect to know for sure that GPS has caught on.

All rides can be tracked using any of following fitness apps: LifeCykul, Strava, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Google Fit. We advise using at least 2 trackers (including LifeCykul) to avoid tracking related issues. For any discrepancy in Kilometers, rider can submit screenshot of the correct data at

The process is automated. A new feature is being made available to you so that you can opt-in, one time and all your subsequent activities will be automatically synchronized. You can initiate this process by tapping on the 'Import Activities' Tile in your League Page.

As part of this league, we are actively making improvements and updating the App every week. LifeCykul is set to Auto-Update so please set your phone parameters appropriately to ensure you have the latest version of the app.

League Info

  • UMEED 1000 Cyclothon is a 'Cycle for good', event to ride 1000 kms in 15 days (Nov 27, 2020 - Dec 11, 2020) to raise funds for Girl Child Education. The funds collected this year, will be donated towards Udbhav RBL School to support e-learning for these underprivileged children during Covid-19.
  • Complete 1000 kms between 27th November 2020 - 11th December 2020.
  • Successful finishers will receive a Distinguished Finisher Medal and a Certificate.
  • Use LifeCykul App as the Primary Tracking App.
  • To ensure redundancy, you SHOULD use Strava, Apple Health, Google Fit or Fitbit as backup recording apps. We advise using at least 2 trackers to avoid tracking related issues.
  • You can record on bike computers such as Garmin or Wahoo and then import them into Strava & LifeCykul subsequently.
  • Ensure your rides are uploaded/synced to LifeCykul within 4 hours of finishing the ride.
  • For all the kilometers logged in during the league, RBL Bank will donate 1 kilometer = Rs.50 towards Girl Child Education at Udbhav RBL School, on your behalf.
  • Riders can track their progress on the LifeCykul App Leaderboard.
  • In case of sync/distance issues, please send an email to before the end of day of the ride.

How to Participate

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