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Status @ Begining of the Month

Action reuired for you to attempt a progress along the Division Rankings


Status at the End of Month

Highest earned Division Ranking in the last 3 months. If none,then start at Division 12

Register for the monthly tournament. You are put in your peer batch of 8 Play as per fixtures

If you win Round 1 of your peer batch, then you will advance to next higher batch. You will still play Batch Semis & if you win, you will enter your Batch Finals

Highest Division Ranking Earned in this month or prior 2 months

Chaukabara World Series August Edition

  1. Encouraging people/family to “Stay-Home, Stay-Safe” through meaningful activities
  2. Register your family at
  3. Download Chaukabara app and take part in Chauka-Bara league

Let’s Go.

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